Welcome to my lab! You are in the place where every idea, as long as "functional" and rich in style, is transformed into matter until it reaches its goal. Here, sound, musical instruments and aesthetics are pursued trying to embrace an ideal of "beauty". For long time, I wanted to create something special where art and technology were founded with ideas, experience and taste through research and experimentation around the world of the music and the emotions it gave me since adolescence. My "sound trip” finally starts and If you are here, maybe you can be my traveling companion. I grew up with the music. I play the guitar since I was a child and my playing has been influenced by the legendary guitarists, experiencing every “sound” from Blues, Classic Rock to Grunge and Stoner. I’ve always been taken by the mystery of that magical sounds…and now I can say “I got it”! I’ve always strived for perfection selecting only the best quality components, as respect for traditions, without neglecting the innovation. So I’m proud to announce my creations (…and more will follow).

In short, classical and reworked sounds with appropriate enhancements that reinforce and give voice to the playing and the "philosophy" of each guitarist's sound.