It belongs to the Fuzz Face family, but with silicon transistors. It can be equipped with the classic BC108C, BC109C, the quite rare BC209, but also with the more modern 2SC828. Well-controlled and solid distortion, with a more centred clipping on mid frequencies. Thanks to the HI-LOW control it is possible to trim the general sound, facilitating its use with humbuckers. Very responsive to the guitar controls, it allows a gradual variation passing from a clean to a distorted sound. In combination with single coils, it strengthens the guitar's presence and volume, making them sound like humbuckers. The MIDDLE control increases the presence still further. This pedal is particularly suitable for those who want to keep a classic fuzzy distortion but more solid than the one you get with Germanium devices, though equally balanced and always with enough gain. Perfect with single coil pickups.